Installationsanleitung Windows 7, Windows 10

Anleitung zur Installation des WIST-Netzwerkdruckers Kyocera TaskAlfa 3050ci unter Windows 7

Windows 10 side note

It is only possible to install the printer, if you use a LOCAL Windows account, so no Microsoft Account. You have to add a local account to install the printer. Instructions for that can easily be found on the Internet. After that it should be possible to also print via the Microsoft Account.

Driver download

Der Treiber wird bei Einbinden des freigegebenen Druckers automatisch auf dem Windows-Gerät (XP, Vista, 7, 8, jeweils x86_32 und x86_64) installiert.

Add the printer

  • Go to Control Panel.

Install 1v7.jpg

  • Choose "Add a remote printer".

Install 2v7.jpg

  • Select "Printer is not listed".

Install 3v7.jpg

  • Select "Select shared printer using Name" (the second option) and enter the IP-address \\\ .
  • After adding a backslash, the name should appear and you hit enter.

Install 4v7.jpg

  • The driver is being downloaded and installed.

Install 5v7.jpg Install 6v7.jpg Install 7v7.jpg

  • Do not print a test page.
  • Click Finish.

Printing on the device

  • You have to protect your print jobs with a PIN code. Such print jobs will then have to be unlocked on the printer itself, by typing in your code.
  • On printing a document you will be asked to type in your desired numeric code.